Week 307: Stains and Sweat

Short update this week, but I’m sure I’ll have lots to talk about in the following weeks. Here’s a couple of pictures to keep the 307+ point combo going:

If the children look more …stained than usual, it’s because I took these at the end of the day. All bets are really off after dinner (really, during dinner), since we figure everything is soon going into its/her respective washes anyway.

I did have an amusing conversation wtih Sam the other day, though. I had come home from the gym and was still a bit sweaty. She looked at me and said, “Daddy, why is your hair all wet?”

“It’s sweat. From exercising.”

“What’s sweat?”

“Well, when your body gets hot your skin produces a liquid called sweat so that you can cool off. Actually, I think it’s when the sweat evaporates that the cooling happens.”

“Oh.” She thought a moment.”And if you get thirsty you can drink the sweat!”

“Eaugh. No, you wouldn’t want to do that. I think sweat is closer to pee than water.”


“Well, I mean, it’s not really clean.”


“Yes, Sam?”

“I’m NEVER going to exercise.”


So there you have it. Thanks a lot, sweat.

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