Week 306: Coping, Books, and Chocolate

I mentioned last week that I had elected to let Sam start watching the Star Wars movies, starting with Episode I. We finished watching this first movie the other day, and Sam made it through just fine until the end when Qui Gon Jin was killed (OMG SPOILER!) and she cried like a little girl. Interestingly, right after the movie ended she ran to get her Star Wars figures (one of which was actually Qui Gon) and started acting out the climactic scene. Eventually she started altering it to reside more in her comfort zone and Darth Maul was eventually trounced horribly before the murder could take place. So, psychological coping trumps movie continuity again. Much like how I’ve always fantasized that Jar Jar Binks was horribly murdered three seconds after his introduction.

In addition to recreating scenes from movies, Sam has taken an interest in authoring books using her burgeoning mastery over letters and, occasionally, punctuation. Each morning she’ll sit down at her work table, pound out her harrowing tales, and staple them together into book form. I halfway expect to come down one morning and find her head buried in a pile of dirty coffee mugs and cigarette butts.

I have one of her books here entitled “My Day as a Flower”, which I will transcribe, along with approximate translations in brackets:

Cover: “As pratforyw” [???]

Page 1: “frst da asa sed.” [First day as a seed.]

Page 2: “frst da awef a stem” [First day with a stem.]

Page 3: “frst da wef a flowr” [First day with a flower.]

It makes a bit more sense with the accompanying illustrations. She has also produced others in this series, including “My day as a pumpkin” and “My day as a tree.” And actually, I’m surprised and pleased at how quickly she’s improving even in the course of a week. Her sophomore effort, “My day as a tree” clearly displays greater command of spelling, putting spaces between words, and use of the unreliable narrator technique.

Mandy seems to be mellowing a bit, but still engages in her own signature brand of mischief. The other day Geralyn e-mailed me this photo. That is, as you may know, a “chocolate per day” Advent calendar that has been strip mined of all its delicious ore. This would have been no big deal had it in fact been Christmas day, but even the most cursory examination of a regular calendar showed that it was merely December 3rd.

After berating Mandy for eating 23 pieces of chocolate in one go, Geralyn asked how this act of confectionary larceny made her feel. One must suspect that Mandy’s reply of “Not good” referred in equal degrees to both her conscience and her tummy.

On a cuter note, Mandy seems to have developed an odd but amusing habit whenever she goes for a ride in the car. Up until a week or two ago, she would randomly pipe up with the somber assertion that “You shouldn’t step on power lines.” She would dispense this sensible advice this with all the air and gravity the subject deserved, and would repeat it ten to twenty times per car trip. Recently, she has updated her observation to “Some animals run away,” which she now reminds you of every few minutes. For no discernable reason. One wonders what her next proclamation will be. Personally, I can’t wait.

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4 thoughts on “Week 306: Coping, Books, and Chocolate

  1. Ha ha, I just noticed the inadvertent juxtaposition of the first two photographs in this post. Sam with her beatific smile and “I’ve been good” hat, contrasted with Mandy’s displaying the evidence of her crime and a blatant bad girl sneer.
    Well, Internet, some days those roles are reversed and some days they’re both angels. Don’t read too much into it.

  2. Sam is really progressing with her writing. I loved getting a hand written note from her and the envelope addressed by her.
    As for Mandy, that will be a story that will be told through the ages. I love the look on her face.

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