Week 245: Just pictures

Busy week, so I’m taking it easy this time around and just posting a bunch of pictures. Enjoy the shots from our company picnic, in which Sam climbed utility poles, went up in a bucket truck, and perhaps most frightening of all, braved a porta potty.

Mandy had a good time, too, though it zonked her out.

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2 thoughts on “Week 245: Just pictures

  1. The thumbnail of the picture where Sam is playing on the trapeze or whatever that piece of backyard equipment is very trompe l’oeil. When I saw it I was all, “Is it just me, or is that little girl, like, exceptionally strong?!” Because it so seems like she’s completely and effortlessly supporting her weight on her hands, upside down and in midair. And yet, the similar crop of Mandy on the same equipment didn’t fool me at all. Interesting.
    I do declare I believe we have the same or very similar stroller. Oh, okay… that last was just a bit extra geeky wasn’t it? Yet, I’m letting it stay. Hmm.

  2. Heh, yeah you can’t see it but she’s hanging from her knees.
    And that stroller is awesome. It came with headphone buds you can put in these little pockets on either side. We’ve never used ’em, but still…

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