Week 244: Antagonization, Combat, and Bedtime

I think we have finally passed over some line that separates people who have “one kid and a baby” to people who have “two kids.” This is sometimes good, as when Sam and Mandy play together, and sometimes it’s bad, as when Sam and Mandy play together. Mandy has developed a habit of antagonizing her big sister, baiting her into roughhouse play that more often than not ends up with Mandy flat on her back and crying. Yet she continues to kick at Sam in the tub or jump into Sam’s chair and shout “MYCHAIRMYCHAIR!” while looking at Sam expectantly. And if there’s anything that Sam can’t stand, it’s Mandy’s having something that she thinks belongs to her, which is to say Mandy’s having anything.

I keep trying to explain to Mandy that she’s inviting this abuse opon herself, but she doesn’t seem to get it. I suppose one solution would be to just place both of them in some kind of pit and equip them with various gladiatorial weapons and tools so that they can just settle it between themselves. But this hardly seems fair, given how much longer Sam’s reach is than her sister’s. So I’m out of ideas, since the same issue arrises when you consider cage matches, boxing rings, or Thunderdome.

You may have noticed that the theme of this week’s pictures is the kids’ bedtime routine. I’d like to say I attempted to put together a photo essay on the subject, but the truth is more closely related to the fact that I forgot to take any pictures of them this week until Sunday evening. Or we could go with the photo essay thing.

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  1. Yes, the girls are clean – look so nice and sweet.
    Jamie – have a nice birthday – tried to send an ecard, but do not know if it works.
    Hope to see you on the 11th.
    Take care.

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