Week 234: Insults, Economics, and Reconsideration

So, want to know Sam’s newest thing? She’s discovered the wonderful world of insults. Sometimes these are coherent verbal barbs, like “You’re a stupid head,” sometimes they straddle the line between sense and nonsense, like “You’re a baby head,” and sometimes they’re just gibberish, like “You’re a goo-gaa-gab-gab.” But there’s never any mistaking the tone, and whichever of her little friends at school taught her her to do this I’d like to find out so I can strangle him or her. Probably while shouting “WHO’S THE GA-GA HEAD NOW, HUH? WHO’S THE GA-GA HEAD NOW?”

And far be it from Sam to keep such lovely little habits to herself. The other day Geralyn had just given Sam a time out for calling her “stupid” when she heard Mandy marching around in the other room chanting “Stupid, stupid, Mommy stupid.” Of course, Sam took umbrage at this, and began shouting that Mandy was staying “stupid” and that she should get a time out. I can only assume that Geralyn was clenching great fistfuls of her hair as she tried to explain that it was because Sammy had taught her to do it.

Upon coming home that evening I suggested that given this factoid, Sammy should reap what she sews and take a time out every time Mandy says something objectionable. This seemed at first like a great idea based in basic economic theory, but the more I thought about it the more it seemed there might be unintended consequences. To whit, if Mandy is half as clever at gaming systems as her big sister seems to be, this rule would give the younger child an inordinate amount of power if she ever caught on. And while this might be appropriate payback for all the liberties Sam has taken with Mandy (not to mention bones broken), I thought it might be wise not to uproot what sisterly bond has developed so far.

Also, you may be seeing pictures of Sam and Mandy in a little inflatable pool. I want to point out that Geralyn blew that whole thing up by herself, using only her two –and eventually one– very own lungs. So the kids are literally bouncing around on the essence of Mommy.

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3 thoughts on “Week 234: Insults, Economics, and Reconsideration

  1. Hmm…Insults huh. Haven’t gotten there yet. Gabe is in the stage right now of making his own words and incorporating them into everyday language. His latest word is, “boobiestickers”. Don’t know where he got it, but now it is a common saying around the house.

  2. What in the world would boobiestickers be, though? I mean I have my own ideas but before I steal for my own use I’d love to know the original usage.

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