Llots of Llamas

Llots of Llamas

Are you a llama lover? You are? You’re in luck! My local camera club took an outing the other weekend to a llama farm out in the middle of nowhere. Some of you may know that I have a thing for llamas. And that thing is that I think they’re awesome. So there was no way I could miss this.

I took …MANY pictures of llamas there. I put some of my favorites in this Flickr set for your clicking and viewing pleasure. Careful, they spit.

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6 thoughts on “Llots of Llamas

  1. I think sam is sounding more and more like some of the
    tricks you tried to pull on me when you were her age.
    i told you that someday you would get paid back for
    the the things you did. but i still loved you no matter
    what you did.

  2. Trying a new RSS service (aiderss.com) and pulled in your site. I read this entry before, but didn’t pick up on the crafty wordplay in the title. Very nice. BTW Gabe, Michelle and I went to the SD zoo last weekend and we did spend some time checking out the llamas. Alhought Gabe preferred the giraffes.

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